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Soulwell Dice

Sea Shimmer - 7 Set [Experimental Set]

Sea Shimmer - 7 Set [Experimental Set]

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Things to know about this set: The 9 on the d12 does not have an underline, while the 6 on the d12 does. This set was an experiment with some new sparkle inclusions, they were not meant to falls as they did, and are not as plentiful on some faces, mostly lying on the higher number side of the dice.

Disclaimer: As these dice are handmade, there may be minor flaws and imperfections. Some of these imperfections may include minor scratches, indentations, marks or flashing around edges. Note that due to the way resin reacts to sunlight and UV, yellowing may occur in around 2 years time.

Some images are slightly modified in an attempt to better represent how the dice look in person. Note that colors displayed on your screen may not match exactly as they would in person.

These dice are inedible, do not eat them, do not put them in your mouth.

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