The Soulwell

The Soulwell is a swirling vortex that consumes lost souls on their way to the afterlife. Dragging them down to spend their eternity in the Shadowfell. Those who serve a The Shadowfell visit the Soulwell in their dreams to deposit the souls they've claimed in honor of their patron.


Do you offer refunds or returns?

Unfortunately we do not offer returns or refunds once an order has been shipped. If you require a cancellation before an order has shipped please reach out to as soon as possible in order to cancel your order.

If your dice were damaged during shipping or there is an issue with your dice please reach out as soon as you receive them and I will try to accommodate as best I can.

Please know I do my best to communciate all known issues with the dice in their descriptions, and that no matter how hard I try, no die will be perfect.

Why don't you ship overseas?

I'm fairly new to dice making and owning a business, and with the complications surrounding selling to different regions and their laws and applicable taxes, it is easier to deal with those requests on a case by case basis. If you're outside my shipping regions and looking for something specific please reach out:

Do you take Commissions?

Currently I am not taking commissions. I sometimes waver on how long it takes me to make a set from start to completion, which makes it hard to devote time to commissions.

I have been doing some commissions for friends, but I won't be publicly offering commissions until I'm confident I can deliver properly on custom requests.

Are your dice balanced?

The age old debate. Is anything ever truly balanced? I'll say no, only to appease the hardcore physicists that may or may not possess the credentials to truly debate this issue.

I roll all my dice a bunch after sanding and polishing to get a feel for if anything seems off (and because it's fun).

Because they're all handmade, none of them will be perfect, I do not expect casinos in Las vegas to come calling. The dice offered here are good for showing off and "casual play".

When do you restock?

Currently restocks are done intermittently. As dicemaking is not my full time job, I take time where possible to continue making and finishing dice. All dice drops will be announced on Twitter and maybe other social medias but I focus more heaviuly on Twitter.

What are your dice made of?

I use epoxy resin for the dice. Inclusions vary based on what I am able to get and from where.

Can I pay for number repaints?

I do not offer number repainting at this time.

Why are some of the dice different prices?

Entirely based on how I feel about how they turned out. Things that are experimental will be a little cheaper if they didn't come close enough to what I was going for. Things with flaws will be even cheaper. Things that turned out great or use more materials may be more expensive. It's not an exact science.

If you have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out: